Born in 1977. Classical philologist.
2002 – master’s degree, on the basis of the first Polish translation of The Orphic Hymns.
2013 – doctorate, with the dissertation Przywoływanie Bogów – mit, magia,
misteria w starożytnej Grecji – studium religijności starożytnych Greków [Invoking the Gods – Myth, Magic and Mysteries in Ancient Greece – a Study of the Religious Practices of Ancient Greeks] (published 2017).
Lecturer at the University of Warsaw and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
However, he has decided to abandon his scientific career and devote his life to creating art. This happened when he became fascinated with colourful, graphic cutouts and discovered their great potential.
I chose the variety of cutouts, design objects, postcards to represent a universal meaning of the idea. The collages reveal endless possibilities of transforming into design objects, books, graphics etc. All my work is gradually being transformed into a BOOK OF COLLAGE. A collection of all cutouts bringing my memories, metaphors and intentions to light. Art, joy of life and creation intertwine here in one collage.
Daniel Zarewicz
A worshipper of Ancient Greek scholars masters and Hasidic rabbis, who combines irony with yearning, doubt with devotion, pride with humility. His masters emphasised that thaumaturgy is a side-effect of meditation. The real aim is to develop compassion and love. The real miracle is to break down barriers between people. According to him, the phenomenon of creativity involves the ability to combine the rational with the irrational, so that they both do not exclude but compliment one another. The inner contradictions and paradoxes are visualised in his works of art.
His works are not only complete and independent pieces of art but they also inspire the creation of applied art such as pottery, jewellery, lamps, furniture and patterns. His powerful, vibrant cutouts express joy of life with a hefty dose of vitality and happiness that they bring to those who see them. They add energy, boost the mood, radiate life – élan vital!
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